Rae Dunn Bread Box Review 2022

Rae Dunn bread box is a compact and durable storage unit that can be used in any kitchen. It is made from high-quality materials and a vintage style that will look great. This bread box is easy to assemble and features a sliding lid that makes it easy to access your bread. It is also easy to clean and makes storing your bread a breeze.

No kitchen is complete without the bread box, and Rae Dunn has the perfect one for you! With its large & medium sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Rae Dunn Bread Box

The Rae Dunn bread box makes bread baking a breeze, making it easy to store your bread. The vintage farmhouse design with white color will look great in any kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Shop now and get your Rae Dunn bread box today!

Rae Dunn Bread Box Features

Great for storage

Made from high-quality metal and has a classic design that will look great in any kitchen.Convenient to open lids with a sliding feature. Strong enough to remove the lid without breaking it when you’re not using it, making your bread easier to store at all times. 

Easy clean up with soap & water or wiping solution. You may store anything in the farmhouse bread box, from baked goods to cookbooks, napkins, dish towels, cutlery, and accessories. Keep counters clean so that your busy kitchen has more breathing space.

Versatile Design

The bread box is built with a versatile design that allows you to store many things inside it. This makes the quality of its interior relatively stable, which also extends to its exterior surface because any material works well for cleaning and protecting. Rae Dunn’s farmhouse breadbox helps you maximize cabinet space in your kitchen. 

It is specifically designed to keep your bread fresher for longer than any other storage technique. It can also be used to preserve freshly baked cookies, muffins, and bagels.

Removable Lid & Handle

The entire top lid is removable for easy opening & cleaning. You can lift it and wash it or simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or sponge. With the removable lid, your homemade loaves will stay super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

This lid allows just enough air to pass while maintaining optimum humidity levels. It also makes it easy to transport the bread box wherever you need to go with what’s inside.

Encourages Rustic Beauty

The white bread box will give your kitchen or dining area a rustic (or crustic) touch. The item is a great vintage or retro accent that will get people’s attention. In addition, it provides you with a handy solution for storing home-baked goods. This storage system can handle several items, such as homemade bread and cakes, which also works well for preserves and other dried goods.

Avoid Chaos

Use this handy storage unit to bring some orders and routines into your kitchen. Set it up in your place, which makes things easier and looks fantastic at the same time. Even if you don’t bake, this bread box would be a nice gift for someone who loves to cook (or any aged student as a dorm room accessory). 

It helps keep food fresher longer without compromising on flavor or quality. But what’s better is that storing home-baked goods will help keep your cupboards neat too!

Bread Stays Fresh Longer

One great thing about this bread box is that it keeps your baked goods fresh for so long. In a traditional kitchen, food tends to go bad even before eating. But using this box, you can keep snacks and other baked goods fresh without worrying about freezer burn or airborne undesirables that may ruin the taste of your good stuff. 

The box will keep cookies, muffins, bagels, and other baked foods as fresh as the day they were made. The bread box handles several items.

It works well for stuffing leftover bread. Also, it can be used as a container in which to store dry goods like flour and sugar.

Rae dunn Bread Box 1

Pro Features of Rae Dunn Bread Box

  • Good Quality

The bread box is well-made, sturdy and durable. You can rely on its quality to give you many years of use.

  • Good Looking

Its clear finish will help retain the vibrant color and make your kitchen look stylish. It has a classic style that people always like.

  • Rustic Farmhouse Design

It has a very rustic farmhouse-style design that is comfortable and lovely. Also, there are no sharp edges or corners to injure yourself on when you lift the lid.

  • Versatility

It will work for so many things other than bread storage! Boxes can also be used for jam, cookies and muffins.

  • Ideal For a Large Family

The bread box will work for everyone if you have a large family. The size of this bread box is 16.46 x 12.4 x 10.63 inches. The sides are extra high, and the box is quite deep to hold a regular-sized loaf of bread and your baked items.

  • Multifunctional Use

These boxes are multifunctional; you can use them multiple ways and store anything you want.

  • Easy to clean

The box is also easy to clean as it does not have any minor nicks or sharp edges that could harbor germs.

  • Removable Lid

The lid is removable, allowing access to all the items inside. Because it is obvious, you can also use it as a cover when storing cookies or leftover bread.


  • Not recommended for use in hot conditions

It is best to keep Rae Dunn Bread Box away from the direct sun or heat. It might become warped if left in sunlight for too long.

Final Words

Thanks for reading our article on the Rae Dunn bread box! This article described all you need to know about this great appliance and what it can do for your kitchen.

If you’re interested in buying one, check out the link below (it’s an affiliate link), where you can find the best deals available on Amazon! We hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you decide on whether or not this bread box is correct for you!